TMNT: I was going to be a harsh critic after this one. I grew up watching the Turtles. I collected the toys. Had bed sheets. I LOVED them. I bought the original series so my kids could watch them. They love them as much as I did. As a family we watch the new cartoon on Nickelodeon. Like i said, I went into it with high hopes. I’m here to tell you it was awesome. It was everything that i was hoping for. The graphics were amazing for starters. Using motion capture makes the interactions between turtles and humans much more seamless than straight up CGI. Megan Fox actually didn’t make me hate her in this movie. Will Arnett was of course hilarious. The humor was spot on. The action sequences were gripping. They also threw in a couple nods to the original movies.

Of course you have to watch it for yourself. You can’t take my word for it. I personally don’t take any critic by their word. Go see it for yourself.