Planet of the Apes: Legacy Collection

I am so psyched right now. Maybe a little too much, but whatever. I’m the proud owner of The Planet of the Apes: Legacy Collection on Blu-ray. ($20 at Walmart? Yes please!)

I’ve only just started the set, but so far it’s fantastic. The image is spectacular (in my lowly opinion) and the movie sounds great. I’m excited to get through all 5 of the movies. It’s been a goal of mine to own all of these movies at some point, so to have them all in one convenient box is great.

I loved these movies as a kid. The remake with Mark Wahlberg wasn’t terrible (yes, the ending was weird but let it go.) I’m a HUGE Paul Giamatti fan, so seeing him in makeup and being his normal weird self is great. The new releases, Rise and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes are setting themselves up to be one of my favorite movie franchises. I plan on seeing Dawn next week. Safe to say you can expect a review from me on that one.

Maybe someday I’ll write up a review for every movie, but as it is right now, I’m just pumped to have this sweet box set.