Wondering about Wanderlust? — A Wanderlust Review

It doesn’t take long, maybe 5 or 10 minutes, before Paul Rudd and Jennifer Anniston bust out the awkwardness. This fantastic piece of romance/comedy/nakedness comes from the people that brought us Role Models (another great Paul Rudd movie).

George (Rudd) and his wife (Anniston) are headed down to Atlanta, or like the kids say, HOTlanta, when they stop by a Bed & Breakfast—which is actually a commune, a society of people living off the earth—and the adventure begins.

"What is it?" "It's a stick with some orange peels"

A nice parting gift — Thanks?

There are nudists, standard hippies, free-lovers, people of the earth, basically your garden variety of ‘different’ people. Nothing is kept secret in this society. There are no doors. No, not even on the bathroom which makes for some uncomfortable bathroom sessions. But once the government attempts to purchase the land to put up a casino, things get dicey. It’s time to save the commune!

It was interesting to see Anniston play a role so far removed from what she usually does. I’ve heard her role in Horrible Bosses is up there as far as weirdness goes, but this was something new for me. It’s not too often you get to see Rachel Green get high in the woods, talk to inanimate objects and try to fly. It was pretty dang funny if you ask me.

I don't know what you're saying...

Paul Rudd’s ‘George’ gets, just a tiny bit, inappropriate and less-than-skillful practicing his  ‘bedroom talk’.

Rudd was perfect in his role. He was made for the “awkward, I don’t know how to let loose, hey there’s a pretty girl I want to ‘talk’ to—I can’t stop saying stupid things,” kinda guy.

This is definitely not a family-friendly movie. I think the “there are nudists” part maybe spoke volumes to that. That said, I would highly recommend this movie to Paul Rudd or Jennifer Anniston fans. It’s right up there with the Role Models, I Love You, Man, Forgetting Sarah Marshall types of comedies. Awkward humor at it’s best. I enjoyed it greatly.