Howdy Internet folks!

We are honored (surprised!) to announce that we’ve been nominated for a LAMMY AWARD in the Best Vlog category! Pretty awesome if you ask us.

You can click the banner to the left to view all of the nominees, but really, we’re the only one you need to know about.¬†Well, us and French Toast Sunday, because they rule.

Anyway, wish us luck and who knows… maybe we’ll get a reunion show in line, if only this summer had some good movies coming out…¬†

4 thoughts on “LAMMY TIME!

    • The show unfortunately ended. It just took too much time to shoot, edit and post. We’re still very active when it comes to watching movies. As far as a comeback… Anything is possible. Maybe someday when there is a movie that just TOTALLY blows us away. Thanks for the support!

    • Thanks Tony! Maybe someday, but for now the camera is off in the Mancave. I am thinking about doing a little bit of blogging here or there, however, since movies are so much fun to talk about. Thanks again. The support is great!

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