2 thoughts on “Shark Week! – Ep. 67

  1. I’ve watched Shark Week for years but I just wish there was something new that they have not actually shown before.
    I have not seen Deep Blue Sea but I think I might check it out because Samuel J. Jackson makes every movie B.A. I’m really did not like Finding Nemo, I don’t know why but I never have liked it.
    Also I think Clint Eastwood was being asked to be in Expendables 2.
    Is the quote from Spinal Tap?


  2. Thanks James!! It was Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford in talks for Expendables 3. I couldn’t remember who else it was. Thanks.

    The quote is most certainly from Spinal Tap. One the most underrated comedy films out there. All around hilarious movie from beginning to end.

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