2 thoughts on ““Wrath of the Titans” – Ep. 65

  1. I did not care for Class of the Titans that much, it was just kind of forgetable and I agree the effect were just awful for some of it. Espeically just after watching Avatar (not a fan of the movie but the effects were good) with Sam Worthington a few months before at the time.
    I actually enjoyed Wraith of the Titans a good deal, it was not really a great movie but it was fun to watch.
    Is the quote from, one of my favorite movies, Casino Royal? If I am not misstaken, it is from the scene were Bond comes back to the poker game after fighting some guys. Have you seen the new Skyfall trailer? It looks like The Dark Knight Rises meets James Bond.



    • Yeah, in my opinion Wrath is better than Clash. Both were decent, not awful, not great, but Wrath had better graphics.

      You’re correct with the quote! Casino Royale was awesome, Quantum of Solace was OK, hopefully Skyfall can redeem the franchise.

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