6 thoughts on ““The Dark Knight Rises” Review – Ep. 64

  1. It seems that The Dark Knight Rises has dissappointed most critics but I am still looking forward to watching it soon. Have you noticed all of the crazy comments trashing The Avengers when compared to The Dark Knight Rises? It is getting ridiculous in my opinion. I haven’t seen TDKR but there is no way that it will be better than The Avengers, which is my favorite comic book movie by far.

    The scrable looks fimilar but I am drawing a blank on this. Also I “Liked” your Facebook page, my username is “James Starslayer”.

    • Yeah, I don’t think it can touch Avengers. But at the same rate, they’re different movies. Avengers was more fun, fast-paced action. TDKR has a more dramatic “end of the world” feeling to it. Avengers stay atop my list of comic book movies, TDKR is still good, just not great.

  2. Totally agree with the review. Though I think it would be worth rewatching now that the hype factor is gone and you’d know what to expect going in.
    I do believe that the scramble this week is Gary Oldman in The Fifth Element.

    • I definitely want to check it out again now that the hype factor is gone. I’m guessing I’ll catch a bunch of other little bits here and there, too.

      Your guess… is CORRECT!

  3. I thought this was a good movie overall, but I was disappointed in it in some ways. As entertaining as it was, there were a lot of obvious holes that I couldn’t ignore.

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