2 thoughts on “Comic-Con 2012 Recap – Ep. 63

  1. I am very excited for all of the new Marvel movies. I was a little surprised last week when I heard that the Guardians of the Galaxy was being made. They just might be the most obscure comic book to come to the big screen since Blade. Have you seen The Avengers episode when the Guardians in it? It was one of the series best.

    Is the quote from Hellboy?


    • I haven’t seen that episode yet! Jeez, thanks for the spoiler alert!

      I’m looking forward to anything Marvel puts out from now on. After “The Avengers”, I don’t see how they could do any wrong. I just saw the logo for the new Thor movie and it looks AWESOME.

      Lastly, thanks for checking us out every week and commenting. Hellboy is correct!

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