4 thoughts on ““Lord of the Rings” Trilogy Review! – Ep. 60

  1. Definitely like the new intro.
    Thanks guys for reviewing the trilogy, great review. I am Lord of the Rings “nerd”, I have had an obsession with Middle Earth since watching the movies in theaters. The extended Blu-Ray edition are definitely the best versions.
    Two of the pictures at the top are The Avengers and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.


    • I’m a CRAZY LotR nerd. No denying it. I saw The Two Towers in the theater, I believe, 22 times. I can basically recite that whole movie from memory. I think that may be why I love Eomer so much. He’s just so B.A. in those movies.

      • That’s a lot of The Two Towers. I liked Eomer also but I think I liked every character.
        My favorite LotR movie was probably The Return of the King but they are all really one very long movie.
        Do you plan on reviewing the original Sam Raimi Spider-Man films before The Amazing Spider-Man cloes out?


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