5 thoughts on ““The Avengers” Review – Ep. 53

  1. This is my first time stopping by. Love AWOLNation and the great review! This incredible movie really sparked my interest in Marvel, although I’ve grown up being a DC fangirl. One of my co-workers at Dish, who is also a Marvel fanboy, recommended that I check out Ultimate Avengers on Dishonline. I saw that there’s even a part two on there, so I’m very excited to watch more of the Avengers. I think after I watch those I’ll end up watching The Avengers once again in theaters. I too have never watched a movie twice in theaters, but after this review, I feel like I need to have a Marvel-a-thon before I watch The Avengers once more. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the fantastic comment! After watching The Avengers, I went home and added the animated series of The Avengers on Netflix. There were also a few animated movies about all of them, which are also on Netflix right now. I’m very excited to watch them.

      As for the DC Comics bit, I grew up a DC fanboy, but this movie takes comic book movies to a whole new level. Until they can make a JLA movie as good as they made The Avengers, I’ll have to say my allegiance is with Marvel. For now.

      • I’m praying they come out with a JLA movie as good as this or even better! I think a lot of hard work is going to have to go into the prequels, especially since Green Lantern received so many mixed reviews.

  2. Great review dudes! I loved The Avengers! This is the movie I have been waiting forver for and it was better than I expected. I am a hardcore Marvel fanboy and this is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Also The Avengers TV series is actually really good for an animated TV show, one of the better comic book TV series and the Ultimate Avengers movie is also good.

    The answer to the questions is Captain America. Here is a link to my movie review website http://jandjproductions1809.blogspot.com/


    • Hey, thanks for stopping by! I checked out your blog as well. Looks great.

      You’re correct on the Super Scramble. Also, the Avengers TV series is really cool. I’m also a really big fan of the animated movies. They just did a really good job with them.

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