4 thoughts on “Worst Superhero Movies – Ep. 43

  1. What, no Ghost Rider? I would watch both elektra and silver surfer before that piece of crap.

    • I (Jared) haven’t seen Ghost Rider, yet. I can’t imagine something with Nic Cage being worse than something with the awful, awful Jennifer Garner at the helm. And Silver Surfer didn’t feel right to me. I liked the Surfer growing up, but that movie ruined it for me.

      What did you think of Batman & Robin?

  2. Now, wait a minute. Suppose you take out the montage where he does the Saturday Night Fever dance and the scene in the jazz club … Then what do you think?

    • I still would pass on it. Too many bad guys for my liking. Not only should Venom be the only bad guy in a Spiderman movie, but Venom should have it’s own movie, just to tell the story of that awesome, awesome character. Perhaps don’t cast Eric Foreman the next go-around.

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