3 thoughts on “Viewer Request Review – “Bull Durham”

  1. Before you watch the Natural you should understand that, that movie isn’t really about baseball either. In fact sports movies are rarely about sports. I’d say Bull Durham is really a coming of age/right of passage tale. It’s not a love story, it’s about growing up. Nuke gets his stuff together at least professionally if not personally, the young tramp finds a good man, the minor league catcher on his last legs and the junor college english teacher retire from the kids games they’ve been playing.

    Brace yourselves, boys. The Natural is a piece of Arthurian mythology played out in wool uniforms. BTW, the book is better.

  2. “The Natural is a piece of Arthurian mythology played out in wool uniforms.” I have to say, I’m really looking forward to seeing it now. Awesome comment, too.

  3. Baseball stories, like the game itself, are generally about making your way home in some way. That’s what makes the various intersecting story lines in Field of Dreams (a movie on your list if I remember correctly) work. It’s identifiable in many fictionalized baseball stories. The whole Costner trilogy, in fact, is especially ripe with this theme.

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