8 thoughts on “Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review

    • I like robots fighting. I love robots fighting in slow motion. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t get anymore excited about “Real Steel” coming out in a few months. Wolverine + boxing robots = awesome sauce!

  1. And, BTW, Jared, I believe that the single, most certain way to have something end up on the outakes is to say, “Please don’t put that on the internet.”

  2. I was really hoping that if I straight out asked him NOT to put it on there, that he wouldn’t. I think from now on I’m just going to not say a word until we film, and then shut up and leave. Oh well, at least my Transformers sound effect was awesome.

  3. Quote
    “There’s No Sears and Roebuck here. Grab the snake! ”
    From: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
    Character: Mutt Williams
    Actor: Shia LaBeouf

  4. I did not see the 3rd film in 3D….though out of them all, this would have been one I would have liked to see in 3D. I felt the film was much better then the 2nd. I felt the second one had too much of the fart joke, perverted, racist, robo heaven and pot psychosis garbage then any film should have. The third one was a much better mix…with a lot less of the above, but for me, the first one was an overall better movie. The 3rd one…10 times cooler….but in terms of overall movie…the first one beats it. With the Megan Fox debate – I asked myself, “Megan Who?” after the 3rd one. Mostly because of dialog from previous and lack of real effort (though I like her more then most), which is not really her fault for the dialog….but….”Well do you speak robot, because they just had a giant droid deathmatch”…..I wince a little. :) At least they did not replace her and call the VS model Mikaela….they were different people. Thank God. I def agree…worth the watch. Horrible Bosses looks great….and Potter will devastate all next week. :)

    • I agree that the 2nd movie had a lot of dirty humor that was not necessary (the chihuahua dominating the other dog, mom eating magic brownies). It was nice that the 3rd film didn’t focus too much on those shenanigans. I’m also glad that they didn’t try to pretend that the new girl was Mikaela, but it’s hard to imagine her and Sam just breaking up after we were made to believe that they were “meant to be”.

      Harry Potter will totally dominate a the theaters next week. I think it’s cool that our local theater will be showing a marathon of all the Potter films before the new one premieres. There’s nothing better than a movie marathon!

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