6 thoughts on “Ep. 6 – Top 5 Horror Films

  1. I am not a HUGE fan of horror movies, especially mindless slasher flicks, but here are some films in the horror genre I have enjoyed over the years:
    1. Let The Right One In
    2. Rosemary’s Baby
    3. Cannibal Holocaust
    4. The Omen (original)
    5. The Ring

    I have to put Cujo as an honorable mention, because that movie scared me to no end as a kid. But now, just a little. :)

    BTW, I had to look up the movie quote online because my original guess (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) was incorrect. I will let someone else get the mad props.

    • I’m definitely behind when it comes to watching horror movies, so I haven’t seen most of the ones you put on your list. I have heard very good things about “Let the right one in”. I’ll have to check that one out soon.

      There’s no shame in having to look up the answer to the quote. Feel free to post the answer later this week if no one seems to be getting it right.

  2. Nice job guys!!!!! I’m thinking the next installment should be chic flicks!!!

  3. check out the 50’s Brit flick, “The Demon”…

    • We’ll have to give that one a look. Just a quick look on IMDB shows that it might have potential. I love the old school horror movies, so that’s right up my alley.

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